Frequently Asked Questions

What is This Drink2Shrink Formula?

It is a caffeine-free 100% organic herbal-based blend PLUS four additional edible plant extracts for added effectiveness. It is made of a special blend of high-quality, all-natural ingredients rich in antioxidants hand-selected for their ability to bring the whole body back into balance so it can restore itself to its natural, healthy state.

Does it really work?

Definitely! The proven formula has been tested and refined over time and produces fast and effective results that no imitator has been able to copy. It is based on more than twenty-five years of research and clinical use. Thanks to this unique formulation, tens of thousands of people around the world have been able to regain control of their health.

What are the health benefits of using Drink2Shrink?

All-natural Drink2Shrink is formulated to effectively and gently cleanse, detoxify, and restore balance to the whole body. Regular use has been found to impart many health benefits. It also serves as a gentle yet powerful colon cleanser and general health and healing tonic for common ailments. The 100% organic herbal blend was designed to benefit those with sensitive systems; it includes known botanicals that help soothe both the upper and lower digestive tract. In addition, it provides your body with essential enzymes, which are often destroyed by modern food processing and pasteurization techniques.

Benefits may include:
•Gently cleanse and detoxify the whole body.
• Reach and maintain your ideal weight
• Weight loss and reduction of the abdomen
• Restore body-balancing nutrients
• Improve digestion and bowel function
• Alleviate gastrointestinal problems
• Proper colon, liver, and kidney function
• Healthy levels of blood pressure and cholesterol
• Clearer, healthier, younger-looking skin
• Increase energy, mental clarity, and focus
• Boost resistance against diseases
• Improved mood and sleep
• Achieve optimal health and wellness

Will it help me lose weight?

Yes! Drinking 8 ounces twice daily has been shown to lead to significant weight loss. Drink2Shrink can help your body get back into a healthy, balanced state and shed extra pounds by ridding it of a buildup of toxins that can cause persistent weigh gain and thwart other weight loss attempts. You can experience major health problems, including relentless weight gain and serious difficulty losing and maintaining weight loss when your body is burdened with toxic overload and being robbed of essential nutrients. All-too-often, this leads to a vicious cycle of persistent feelings of hunger, unrelenting cravings, poor food choices, and chronic overeating of high calorie, high fat but low nutritious foods and beverages…which, in turn, saps you of your energy and willpower to eat healthy and exercise.

How do I know if I am experiencing toxic overload?

If you are experiencing several of these symptoms, it may be evidence that you have a buildup of toxins in your system.
• Feeling tired or having trouble sleeping
• Trouble concentrating or staying focused
• Feelings of depression or irritability
• Frequent mood changes
• Chronic headaches
• Recurrent joint or back pain
• Allergies and/or food sensitivities
• Skin problems like acne, psoriasis, eczema
• Unpleasant body odor or bad breath
• Frequent gas, bloating, or indigestion
• Constipation or irregular bowel movements
• Lowered tolerance to fatty food
• Loss of appetite
• Weight gain and trouble losing weight
• Frequent colds or sinus congestion
• Breast soreness
• Frequent yeast infection

It is estimated that we are exposed to over 4000 different chemicals, toxins, and pollutants every single day. These harmful by-products – along with processed foods, nutrient poor diet, some modern medicines, and a stressful, busy lifestyle – can take a toll on the body. The good news is that by nutritional cleansing and detoxing, you can restore proper nutrient absorption, increase your metabolism and energy, and bolster your commitment to a healthy lifestyle.