DeLora Moorer, also known as Coach Dee, is a 19 year military veteran who resides in the state of Virginia with a passion for health and wellness. Starting off by preparing others for their fitness tests, her compassion for helping others achieve their fitness goals started in 2003 while stationed in Portugal. After noticing just how naturally dedicated she was in assisting others, in 2005, her boss decided to send her to Germany to obtain her Aerobics certification. That was just the start of her Health and Wellness journey. Since then, she has gained over 16 years experience leading over 600 people in numerous group exercise courses in various locations; including Portugal, Republic of South Korea, Belguim and Louisiana. 10 of those years she spent as a fitness program manager in Louisiana, Abu Dhabi and Virginia.

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Coach Dee's aim is to empower as many as she can to build what she believes is the foundation of achieving true wealth and living abundantly. Inspiring everyone to build healthy habits by taking great care of their of their mind, body, and spirit. Though she is fully aware that there isn't just one way that will work for everyone. She dedicates herself to learning the way each individual receives her products and services on all levels, to ensure progression in all areas of their lives. Her program caters to the following:

                • Mind- Focusing on 'being' instead of 'doing' by quieting the mind on a daily basis and being present in the moment (Mindfulness). Envisioning your highest self, feeding yourself positive thoughts. Creating a gratitude journal, a positive vision board of who and where you'd like to be as a better person, taking small steps to accomplish big goals, listening to music with encouraging, positive words, learning to be at peace with silence. Maintaining strong friendships by talking to and/or meeting with friends/family a couple times a week or month dependent upon both of your schedules.

              • The Body/Nutrition- Teaching you how to improve your physical health by education on which foods affect our moods. It is important to fuel our bodies with foods that will maximize our energy and increase our ability to complete tasks more efficiently. We must unlearn those unhealthy eating habits we've grown so accustomed to over time such as; over indulging, emotional eating, and over seasoning our food, just to name a few.

               • The Exercise- Helping you to use SIMPLICITY by sticking to the basics. Doing the activities we learned as children such as; going for a walk around the corner from your house, to the store, to a friend or family member's house (if within a decent distance for you), roller skating, bike riding, jump roping, etc. Having your significant other and/or child(ren) join you to make it more fun! Playing games like volleyball, basketball, soccer, baseball, hopscotch, hula hooping, etc.

               • The Spirit- Empowering you to have a personal relationship and connection to the Higher Power. Keeping your Higher Power first, knowing that everything falls in place after doing so. Having faith even in the hardest times of your life.

              • The Abundant Life- You being a steward of your resources and living life on your own terms

and as a result LACKING NOTHING!


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